Everything You Need to Know About the Flowering Season of Geraniums

Introduction: Mapping the Geraniums’ Flowering Journey

Geraniums, often known as garden geraniums or cranesbills, are a favorite among gardeners for their vibrance and resilience. They’re the unwavering stars of any summer garden, with their brilliant hues and lavish shapes that bring an extraordinary palette to the landscape. But when is the Geranium Flowering Season? This article will unveil the secrets behind the blooming timeline of these fabulous flowers.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Biodiversity of Geraniums

Before diving into the floral calendar of geraniums, it’s essential to comprehend the biodiversity nuggets of this species. Geraniums, belonging to the Geraniaceae family, include around 422 species worldwide. The diverse range of geraniums is an intriguing factor, contributing to their varying flowering seasons.

Chapter 2: The Pivotal Geranium Flowering Season

Generally, the Geranium Flowering Season is in the months between spring and fall. However, how long geraniums bloom depends on the specific type of geranium, its maintenance, and climatic conditions. Certain varieties, such as the Regal or Martha Washington geranium, blossom in late spring and stop flowering in hot summer. Others like the Ivy geranium and the Zonal geranium offer massive, showy flower clusters throughout the summer.

Geranium Variations

[Caption: Variations of Geraniums]

Chapter 3: Indoor Vs Outdoor Flowering Season of Geraniums

The size of your garden is not a determinant for growing geraniums. Apparently, they are flexible enough to adapt indoors. However, the flowering season differs a little. Indoor geraniums would likely bloom throughout the year, but the flowers may be smaller, and the colors not as vibrant as their outdoor counterparts.

Chapter 4: Factors Affecting the Geranium Flowering Season

What brings about the differences in the Geranium Flowering Season? Just as the blooming calendar varies, numerous factors influence these variations, including the type of geranium, light exposure, temperature, watering schedule, and soil nutrients.

Chapter 5: Prepping for the Geranium Flowering Season

Proper maintenance practices prime your geraniums to fully exploit their flowering season. These practices primarily include well-planned watering, essential pruning, and timely fertilizing.

Chapter 6: Prolonging the Geranium Flowering Season

With proper care, you can indeed extend the blooming season of geraniums. Tips include deadheading spent flowers, ensuring six hours of daily sunlight, and safeguarding them from harsh climatic extremes.

Chapter 7: The Geranium off-Season: What Happens?

Every plant needs rest, and so does your beloved geraniums. After the vibrant bloom comes the off-season where the geraniums redirect their energy into strengthening their roots and leaves.

Conclusion: Every Season is the Geranium Flowering Season

To sum up, the Geranium Flowering Season lasts anywhere from spring to fall. Yet, with the right attention and care, you can allure every eye with a fascinating bloom of geraniums almost throughout the year. Geraniums strive to seize every moment and color it with their dynamic blossoms, demystifying the phrase—’Bloom where you’re planted’.

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